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The laundry detergents, fabric conditioners and fabric care market is forecast to decline for the fourth year running in 2019, with value sales predicted to fall another 1.2% to £1.53 billion, down from £1.55 billion in 2018. Deep discounting among the supermarkets remains the key culprit, but today’s consumers’ environmentally friendly habits and lifestyles also appear to be playing a role in reducing sales of fabric care products.

The sector remains price-driven, which is a core challenge for brands looking to improve their performance. However, potential remains for a growing focus on products promoted as being skin-focused and allergy-tested, produced in line with consumers’ growing environmentally-friendly attitude, and formulated to help consumers reduce laundry frequency and preserve the life of clothing

Products covered in this Report

This Report examines the retail market for the following laundry detergent, fabric conditioner and fabric care products:

  • Main wash laundry detergents offered to the consumer in a range of product formats, including: powders, liquids, gels, tablets and capsules/liquid tablets. This includes standard and concentrated, biological, non-biological, two-in-one and ‘colour’ products.

  • Special wash detergents, which includes detergents for hand washing and delicate fabrics.

  • Rinse conditioners used in addition to laundry detergents in order to soften, freshen and/or make drying and ironing easier, and available as standard and concentrated liquids.

  • Tumble dry enhancers offered as fragrance-impregnated sheets that are designed for use in tumble dryers.

  • Stain removers that take away stains and include both pre-wash and in-wash products in powder, liquid, gel, tablet and spray format.

  • Whiteners and colour care products used with laundry detergents for helping to maintain the brightness of colours and whiteness of whites without bleaching.

  • Ironing aids that include products for ironing such as fragranced ironing waters and starch liquids or sprays.


Clothes-washing detergents sold in launderettes are excluded from the market size of this Report.

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