What you need to know

The leisure market is forecast for above-average growth in the next five years as consumers feel that their personal finances are stable. While emerging leisure activities (axe throwing, escape rooms) may help to grow the market, new players will face stiff competition from established routines and comfortable settings. In a time when social isolation can feel overwhelming, people will look to unwind with relaxing activities that still make them feel more connected to the outside world.


The terms leisure time and free time are used interchangeably throughout the Report to refer to time outside of work, childcare, errands, household chores and sleep. This includes leisure time spent both outside and inside the home. Travel and travel-related activities are not included in this Report, with the exception of destinations or activities that draw both tourists and locals, such as museums and amusement parks.

This Report builds on analysis presented in Leisure Time – US, August 2015. Readers of this Report may also be interested in Family Entertainment – US, August 2019 and Attitudes Toward Gaming – US, March 2019.

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