What you need to know

The consumer survey conducted for this Report reveals which products Brazilian women use for a typical day and which items they use for a special occasion. There are opportunities to boost use of makeups that are used sporadically, such as eyeliners, highlighters, and blushes. In addition, the survey also reveals the benefits sought by consumers when it comes to facial, eyes and lip makeups, the innovations they are interested in and the technologies that appeal to them.


This Report examines the usage of makeup and nail products by women in Brazil. The market data considers sales across all channels, including direct sales to consumers and selected retail stores.

The consumer research includes the following products, divided into four categories:

  • Face makeup: eg foundation, blush, concealer, bronzer, facial powder, and primer.

  • Eye makeup: eg eye shadow, eyeliner, eyebrow makeup, mascara.

  • Lip makeup: eg lipstick, lip gloss and lip liner.

  • Nail: nail polish.

The following products are excluded from this Report: nail varnish remover, medicated products including lip salves, and cosmetics hardware.

The research carried out for this Report was conducted by Lightspeed/Mintel with 750 female internet users aged 16+ in June 2019 (see Methodology). Detailed demographics are in the Databook.

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