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Compared to all US women, Hispanic women are more likely to be moms, making their current impact on household purchasing disproportionately stronger than their population share would indicate. Meanwhile, Hispanic moms are raising almost one in four US children, which means their influence will be felt even more strongly among the next generation of consumers. In a culture that still embraces traditional gender roles, Hispanic moms have no problem doing most household chores and taking care of their children – even when working full time. Despite their confidence at home, some Hispanic moms feel some insecurity because their children are growing up in a world that is different than the one they experienced growing up.


In the Mintel consumer data referenced, moms are defined as female internet users aged 18+ who are parent/guardian to at least one child under the age of 18 in the household. Moms are defined differently in market data derived from the US Census Bureau (typically women aged 15-50 who have given birth).

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