What you need to know

The gifting food market is mainly driven by active online shopping festivals, an increasing number of imports, more foodservice participants, and key players’ marketing strategies.

Mintel’s research shows that traditional festivals are still the main gifting occasions, especially Chinese New Year (CNY). During CNY, half of respondents have bought more premium fruits for this CNY than the last one. Along with fruit, milk is the most popular gifting product, and it ranks joint top in terms of popularity for different gifting occasions. In order to make gifting dairy more attractive, brands could make the packaging easier to carry and add images of popular icons at the same time, because popular intellectual properties can attract the attention of a greater proportion of buyers and is most attractive for MinTs. Furthermore, future opportunity in gifting food lies in tier three cities; brands could focus on easing lower tier city residents’ struggle when choosing gifts by changing their habit of getting inspiration from offline to online channels.

Covered in this Report

Gifting foods refers to any food and drink purchased for festivals, anniversaries, weddings or any other occasion that involve giving presents. The gifting food can be purchased from retailers and foodservice businesses, and from both online and offline channels.

The Report looks at consumers’ attitudes towards gifting foods, analyses factors that affect consumers’ choice of food and drink for gifting, including product features, occasions, recipients, etc. Their interest in new gifting trends is also covered if there are still unmet needs which could be potential opportunities for gift providers.

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