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High oil prices, rising labour costs and the grounding of Boeing 737 MAX airplanes have impacted airlines’ profits. On top of that, airlines are facing softer demand for travel amid Brexit uncertainties. To strengthen their position in a highly cost competitive market, some airlines are exploring data-driven innovations, seeking partnerships or acquisitions, expanding into the package holiday market and/or reducing capacity.

The rise of the ‘experience economy’ is having an impact on the aviation industry as well. More airports are aiming to become part of the holiday experience through developing leisure facilities and on-site accommodation. Several airlines are also trialling virtual reality to entertain and communicate with passengers in a new way.

Rising media attention around environmental challenges has also increased the pressure on the aviation industry. Aviation taxes are under discussion in Europe and the majority of consumers expect airlines to take action and reduce CO2 emissions.

Products covered in this Report

This Report examines the behaviours and attitudes of UK adults concerning air travel. Travel for all purposes (eg holidays, visits to friends or relatives, business trips and flights for other purposes) is included in the scope of this Report.

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