What you need to know

The low-/no-alcohol drinks segment has enjoyed booming growth in recent years. Yet the buzz around the topic overstates its true impact; it still accounts for less than 1% of retail sales. The outlook for the segment remains strong, though. Alcohol moderation is firmly on government and consumers’ agenda. Many of the leading drinks conglomerates are committed to supporting this through marketing and NPD, while the segment is also attracting new entrants that are pushing the envelope with ever-more sophisticated flavours and approaches. The growing availability and visibility, as well as improving quality, should continue to unlock growth.

Report coverage

This Report examines consumer usage of and attitudes towards low- and no-alcohol drinks and soft drinks actively positioned as alcohol alternatives.

Retail sales data is provided in the Market Size and Segmentation section for the following segments:

  • Low-/no-alcohol lager/ale with an ABV of up to 1.2%.

  • No-alcohol wine with an ABV of up to 0.05%.

  • Lower-alcohol wine with an ABV of 0.06-5.5%.

  • Selected no-alcohol spirits alternatives.

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