What you need to know

Digital advertising is a $125 billion industry and is estimated to account for more than half of total advertising spending following robust growth across all segments including banner, video and search. Growth is expected to continue, albeit at a slightly slower rate than in years past, indicating that the digital ad market is reaching maturity. Digital media consumption continues to rise as new streaming services enter the market and consumers switch to internet-based media.

Attribution in digital marketing gives advertisers the tools to maximize the efficiency of their digital ad spend, providing bigger returns and spurring more investment in digital advertising. Digital advertising is a must-have for businesses today, from large global companies to small boutiques, and is the reason digital advertising is one of the fastest moving and fastest growing industries today. Brands that best understand consumers’ online behavior in an increasingly digital world will reap the rewards.


For the purposes of this Report, digital advertising includes internet-delivered ads in paid search advertising, digital video ads, banner advertising and other forms of digital advertising that includes but is not limited to email acquisition, audio streaming, classified ads, lead generation services and apps.

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