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The UK music concerts and festivals market continues to grow steadily, fuelled by more events, investment from the recorded music sector and economic uncertainty prompting some Brits to substitute overseas trips in favour of UK-based leisure activities. In 2019 the market is estimated to be worth £2.6 billion.

In an increasingly crowded marketplace, operators must do more to distinguish themselves from others. A good line-up is no longer enough to attract audiences as they look to additional activities, and the experience as a whole. This presents further opportunities for operators to define their brand and establish an identity.

Environmental concerns are in the spotlight, with pressure being placed on the events industry to reduce waste and unnecessary damage. The rise of streaming and AR/VR is set to disrupt the sector. However, if operators can evolve and find innovative ways to integrate these technologies into the live experience, this will ensure long-term stability in the digital age.

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For the purposes of this Report, Mintel has used the following definitions:

The concerts and festivals examined in this Report include live musical performances at concert venues in the UK for which customers pay an entrance price. Festivals are defined as paid-for musical events in which multiple musical artists perform a live set, often in an outdoor setting. It does not include the many festivals organised mainly by local councils that hold a variety of arts-based events usually over the course of a month, or concerts where admission is free.

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