What you need to know

The Spanish online retailing market is one of the fastest-growing out of the big four mainland European economies. Growth in recent years has been driven by both higher levels of broadband access and also rising mobile device ownership, particularly smartphones, which is opening up the potential for growth in m-commerce.

Having only emerged from a deep recession in the past few years, there are still hangovers from that time which impact on demand, such as high levels of unemployment, particularly among younger people. This has meant that Spanish online shoppers are particularly focused on price and value. The challenge for retailers is to shift the focus away from price in the next few years as the country’s economy continues to recover and unemployment falls.

Areas covered in this Report

This report is designed to give an overview of the German online retail market. It looks at the market including forecasts for future developments, provides in-depth consumer analysis using our own data and has a section on the key players in the market including our company profiles.

For our consumer research this year we asked questions on the following topics:

  • Which products consumers have bought online in the last 12 months

  • The retailers used for online shopping in the last 12 months

  • Typical behaviours when shopping online

  • Membership of Amazon Prime

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