What you need to know

Millennial women show various levels of engagement, spending a consistent amount of time on their beauty routines and shopping for products. Older Millennials over index for interest in clean beauty products, while Younger Millennials follow a similar pattern compared to Gen Zs. It is important for brands to consider the wide age range of this generation, as they approach the category differently.


This Report covers a broad range of products within the beauty market. For the purposes of this Report, Mintel has defined the beauty market as follows:

  • Haircare

  • Facial skincare

  • Color cosmetics

  • Nail color and care

  • Fragrances

  • Hair appliances

  • Skincare devices

  • Body care

Excluded from this Report are personal care products that are used for regular hygiene and grooming such as:

  • Soap, bath, and shower products

  • Shaving and hair removal products

  • Antiperspirant and deodorant

  • Oral care

Mintel has also broken out the Millennial generation into two subgroups as follows:

  • Younger Millennials: Millennials born between 1987 and1994. In 2019, Younger Millennials are between the ages of 25 and 32.

  • Older Millennials: Millennials born between 1977 and1986. In 2019, Older Millennials are between the ages of 33 and 42.

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