What you need to know

Gen Z shoppers consist of both teenagers and adults, making for a unique group of consumers who both largely rely on others to finance their purchases and are newly independent and assuming purchase responsibilities. Despite that difference, this generation holistically shops both on and offline, appreciating the speed, convenience and value some competitors offer, while also seeking a personal and unique shopping experience in person. Acknowledging their multi-channel behavior by offering experiences and services that facilitate seamless omni-channel shopping will be crucial to reaching Gen Z and keeping them engaged. Further, the brands and retailers that can connect to shoppers in a fun but personal way, using social media to inspire, educate and establish relationships with young consumers, will have an easier time retaining them as loyal shoppers.


For the purposes of this Report, Mintel has split Gen Z into two groups:

Tween/teen Gen Z: aged 12-17

Adult Gen Z: aged 18-24

This Report will focus on how Gen Z consumers are shopping online across categories, including what motivates consumers to shop online, what barriers currently limit or prevent consumers from purchasing online, and what retailers can do to improve online shopping in the future. In the Mintel consumer data referenced, Gen Z consumers are those between the ages of 12-24.

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