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Although the Asian American population is small, it is incredibly influential to the development of emerging tech trends in the US. A mobile-first strategy and smart home integration will be important to reaching this tech-savvy group as they look to connect to their domestic and international interests through the adoption of new hardware and services.


This Report explores Asian consumers’ technology usage as well as their digital activities, how they access the internet, and their attitudes toward technology and the digital world.

Mintel’s use of the term “Asian Americans” refers to Asians who have immigrated to the US or who are living in the US of any immigration status. They may be visiting foreign nationals or first-, second-, or higher-generation immigrants.

For the purposes of consumer research for this Report, Asians are defined as persons having origins in the following regions:

  • East Asia: Japan, China, North and South Korea

  • Southeast Asia: Cambodia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Laos

  • South Asia: India, Pakistan

In this Report, acculturation refers to which culture is most dominant in an Asian American’s life. The following terms and definitions are used:

  • Unacculturated: the respondent’s Asian/Pacific Island culture is more dominant in their life.

  • Bicultural: Asians are equally affected by Asian and American cultures.

  • Acculturated: American culture is more dominant in their life.

This Report builds on Mintel’s Digital Trends series. The basis for general population comparisons are Digital Trends (Hardware) – US, September 2018 and Digital Trends (Consumer) – US, April 2019. Other multicultural Reports in the series are Digital Trends – Black Consumers – US, May 2019 and Digital Trends – Hispanics – US, May 2019.

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