What you need to know

Some 38% of adults went on a group holiday in the UK and 35% did so abroad over the five years ending February 2019. Over the 12-month period ending February 2019, 23% of adults took a group holiday either in the UK or abroad.

The sectors with the largest potential for future expansion are: escorted tours, adventure/activity group holidays, special-interest (hobby/creative) group breaks and group-based voluntourism. Demographic trends, including an expanding over-55 population and the rise in single living, support future strong growth in group-based holiday formats.

Covered in this Report

This Report examines the current and potential market for group holidays and escorted tours overseas and within the UK. Respondents to Mintel’s consumer survey were given the following definition: ‘These are holidays where you travel with a group of other people led by a tour guide/host (eg coach holidays, group adventure holidays, special-interest group holidays). Educational travel such as school trips is not included.’

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