What you need to know

Hispanics’ reliance on fast and stable internet services is growing as they are online and own a variety of technology devices for the household and personal use. The internet is enhancing Hispanics’ content consumption through streaming services, and it is also enabling Hispanics to connect to friends and family and their surroundings, as well, through smartphones.


This Reports tracks Hispanics’ household and personal ownership of technology devices, means of accessing the internet, activities Hispanics do online with core devices (ie smartphones, computers, and smart TVs, family dynamics regarding technology, and overall attitudes that drive digital behaviors.

This Report builds on the analysis presented in Mintel’s Digital Trends (Consumer) – US, April 2019, Digital Trends (Hardware) – US, September 2018 and Digital Trends – Black Consumers – US, May 2017. Readers may also be interested in Digital Trends – Hispanics – US, May 2017, as well as other titles from the US Multicultural library.

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