What you need to know

The digital market is fast moving and encompasses many different products and services. From smartphones and tablets to TVs and Blu-ray players to streaming music and video platforms, this dynamic market is constantly evolving. With all of this innovation, it can be challenging to understand how consumer behaviour is actually changing; and it is even more difficult to accurately predict where a market as dynamic as this is going in the future. However, it is important to take stock of what consumers are currently doing across the digital market and use that information to make inferences for the years ahead.

The primary focus of this Report will be to find common themes within the broader digital market that can act as key learnings for the entire industry. While there are nuances to different product markets that depend on many variables, this Report will show that there are also recurring trends and behaviours that are evident across categories. While this Report will work to call out emerging digital trends, it will also make a point to look at the market in a way that can maximize sales opportunities for stakeholders in the industry – specifically by appealing to the average Canadian consumer instead of focusing only on the early adopter. The findings of this Report are based on the results of Mintel’s exclusive research and will help provide consumer behaviour trends to watch in a market that is constantly evolving.


This Report covers digital trends:

  • Digital devices: physical pieces of equipment that contains some sort of computing capability. This includes smartphones and tablets as well as personal computers, digital cameras and eReaders, among other devices.

  • Digital activities: tasks carried out on digital devices.

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