What you need to know

Dollar sales of bars are expected to reach $7 billion in 2018, representing a 17% increase from 2013-18. Consumer interest in convenient food options and an effort to adopt healthier lifestyles have supported category growth. While the likely continuation of these trends is an advantage to bar players, the subsequent growth in other food and drink categories stepping in to meet these needs presents a challenge. Year-over-year gains in the category are predicted to slow. Bar makers and marketers will need to establish their unique selling points, and maintain accessible price points, in order to stand apart from the competition.


For the purposes of this Report, snack, nutrition, and performance bars are defined for this Report as:

  • Snack bars: cereal and snack bars, such as Quaker Chewy; and granola bars, such as Nature Valley

  • Nutrition bars: health/nutrition bars, including food bars that contain additional nutrients, such as fiber, protein (nonathletic), calcium, etc; also includes bars positioned as meal replacements (non-weight loss)

  • Performance bars: athletic bars used for fuel during athletic endeavors or to enhance physical fitness or exercise, such as PowerBar; includes performance-focused protein bars

  • Weight loss bars: bars meant for diet and weight loss/weight management, such as Slim-Fast and Zone bars

Value figures throughout this Report are at retail selling prices, excluding sales tax, unless otherwise stated.

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