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Some 65% of UK adults were classed as overweight or obese in 2017. This is despite 62% of UK adults saying that they try to eat healthily all or most of the time. Government pressure on the food industry to improve the healthiness of their portfolios is growing, with strong consumer expectations adding further urgency here.

Friends and family are the key source of advice on healthy eating, cited by 30%. Public health campaigns are underused despite widespread support for them in principle. Scratch cooking is seen as important to eating healthily by 73% of UK adults. There are opportunities for retailers to boost healthy eating through offering more support and guidance in scratch cooking.

Gut health is seen as essential to overall health by 68% of UK adults. However, few people report to eat foods which support this, suggesting a need for companies to provide extra guidance here.

Products covered in this Report

This Report looks at consumers’ attitudes towards and behaviours related to healthy eating. It also covers the sources consumers use when looking for advice on healthy eating, uptake of healthy eating behaviours and associations consumers have with different types of diets.

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