What you need to know

Automotive service and repair is an extremely important component of the vehicle ownership cycle; Americans spent over $180 billion keeping their vehicles on the road and running in 2017, and the industry is forecasted to continue growth through 2023.

The automotive service and repair landscape is extremely competitive and fragmented. There are a variety of firms including quick lube chains, full-service dealership centers, local independent repair garages, and others competing over consumer spending. In order to be successful in the auto service and repair market, firms need to identify their strengths and target consumers for growth, but must continue to provide quality service at competitive prices to keep consumer business.


For the purposes of this Report, the automotive service, maintenance, and repair market includes parts and labor provided by a service business. Service businesses include but are not limited to: full-service body shops, franchise dealership service centers, independent repair shops, chain repair shops, quick lube/oil change providers, and tire service centers.

It does not include parts purchased directly by the consumer, whether for their own use in DIY (do-it-yourself) auto repair/maintenance or to provide to someone else who is performing the repairs.

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