What you need to know

Air care experiences high penetration, resulting in nearly flat market sales over the last five years. While 31% of consumers report using air care products more often as opposed to less often in the past year, long-established formats saw a decline in usage amid ingredient concerns and cross-category competition. In spite of category challenges, a focus on natural, healthier, and ecofriendly options as well as enhancing the user experience are pockets of opportunity to boost the market.


Mintel defines the US air care market as consisting of the following product categories:

  • Candles – a body of wax formed around a wick that provides a flame and, in many cases, fragrance, when lit. Includes tea lights, votives, pillars, tapers (dinner candles), and birthday candles. Candles can stand alone or be designed for use in a holder or metal container. Both scented and unscented candles are included.

  • Home air fresheners – including aerosol/spray, slow-release (solid, gel, liquid, reed diffusers), and plug-in and electric/battery-operated devices.

  • Vehicle air fresheners.

Wax melts, which consist of a burner device that melts wax pieces as a means of releasing fragrance are excluded from the Market Size, but they are discussed in the Consumer sections of this Report. Potpourri and flameless candles, which use LED lights or light bulbs to create the appearance of a candle flame, are not included in the Market Size and are discussed minimally in the Market sections of the Report.

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