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As demand for the real estate market is and will continue to be slowing down, the home retail market will face a challenging situation in the coming years. However, this does not mean that consumers stop seeking improvements and upgrades for the place they are living. Consumers’ willingness to decorate the home and purchase home retail products will assist the rebound of the market.

To seize the new opportunities created by consumers and to better face the challenges, home retailers and brands are reforming actively. The distribution of products is streamlined via online channels and the consumption scenarios are diverse. Innovations, such as Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, will further help retailers and brands improve consumers’ consumption and usage experiences of home retail products.

Covered in this Report

This Report focuses on movable products in home decoration (软装) and covers the following types of home products:

  • Furniture: sofa, table, mattress, chairs and etc

  • Essential homeware items:

  • Household linens: bed and bathroom linens and other household textiles (eg sheets, pillows, towels)

  • Bathroom appliances: towel shelf, hand sanitiser bottle, toilet brush etc

  • Kitchenware: tableware (eg glasses, placemats), cooking gadgets (eg pots, pans), dining ware (eg forks, knives, plates) etc.

  • Decorative homeware items

  • Accessories: vases, cushions, prints/prints, photo frames etc

  • Home air freshener: fragrant candles, air spray, air purifying bags etc

  • Others: art crafts, small plants set etc.

Market size, forecast and share in this Report focuses on the furniture market, as its sales value accounts for the lion’s share of the total sales of home products.

The total furniture market value only covers the sales of retail and wholesale enterprises (units) above the designated size, released by NBS (National Bureau of Statistics of China).

  • Retail enterprises (units) above the designated size refer to those with an annual revenue from primary business of RMB5 million and above

  • Wholesale enterprises (units) above the designated size refer to those with an annual revenue from primary business of RMB20 million and above.

The top 10 players mentioned in this Report refer to companies/brands whose main business is to sell furniture via retail channels (eg home furnishing retailers, online stores and supermarkets/hypermarkets), and their market share is divided by furniture retail enterprises (units) above the designated size.


Companies/brands whose main business is to sell electronic home appliances, building materials (such as roofing, flooring, window, doors and architectural paint) and unmovable home products (such as bathtubs, toilets and sinks) are excluded in this Report.

Sub-group definitions

Mintel divides consumers into three groups based on their monthly household income.

Tier one cities Tier two and three cities
Low household income RMB6,000-9,999 RMB5,000-8,999
Middle household income RMB10,000-17,999 RMB9,000-8,999
High household income RMB18,000 and above RMB16,000 and above
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