What you need to know

Big stock-up trips at traditional supermarkets are still happening, but especially among younger food and drink shoppers they’re giving way to smaller quick-fill trips across a wider array of retail outlets. This new generation of shoppers is also less likely to make a list and more likely to make purchase decisions in the store, making them a receptive audience for in-store marketing and ideas.


This Report examines consumer attitudes and behaviors toward shopping for food and drink and toward retail locations that sell food and drink for off-premise consumption in the US market.

This Report builds on the analysis presented in Mintel’s The Food and Drink Shopper – US, November 2017; The Food and Drink Shopper: Spotlight on Technology – US, November 2016; The Food/Drink Shopper: Beyond the Grocery Store – US, June 2015; as well as Grocery Retailing – US, July 2018 and Grocery Retailing – US, November 2017.

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