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The clubs of the Premier League and EFL (English Football League) are expected to have achieved record revenues of £560 million during 2017/18 thanks to income growth in each of their core broadcast, commercial and matchday segments.

The step change in market value seen at the beginning of each of the last two Premier League broadcasting contract periods is likely to be less pronounced at the next renewal in 2019/20, however, as the domestic element of those rights experiences its first dip in value.

The upside of that situation, though, is that it is opening the door to the league’s first experiments with OTT (over-the-top) streamed video services, which could in the longer term lead to potentially significant new revenue streams, rights sales opportunities and digital distribution models.

Covered in this Report

This Report concentrates on the professional football industry in the UK, quantifying admissions by volume and value, and examining other revenue sources, such as sponsorship and broadcasting rights fees.

The main focus of this Report is English professional football and the Premier League in particular, although it also includes discussion of and data on the EFL, FA Cup and Carabao Cup where appropriate. Accompanying figures make clear the competition to which each relates.

This Report draws on information gathered by Deloitte’s Annual Review of Football Finance, which is sourced where shown.

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