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While routine maintenance is a top reason for seeking salon services, resulting in many being loyal to the same destinations and professionals, other reasons for receiving services exist. The desire to pamper or seek services for social activities could motivate some consumers to consider alternative destinations, such as at-home treatments or on-the-go destinations. Salons need to use tools like social media, alternative pricing, and flexible booking options to cater to more consumers’ needs and establish deeper connections with clients, encouraging future loyalty and frequency.


The salon services market, as defined by Mintel for this report, includes any services performed at a professional salon as well as products sold through a salon to consumers. Services include hair treatments, nail services, facial/body treatments, makeup applications, body waxing, and tanning. Products consist mainly of haircare products such as shampoo, conditioner, and styling products, and skincare products such as cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. Brushes, hair accessories, and nail polish are also included. Specialty retail stores (such as Ulta) that also provide services are included. Additionally, on demand or on-the-go services provided by professionals in one’s home (or other location) are also included.

The following products are excluded from this report: mass haircare and skincare products which are mainly sold through other retail outlets such as drug stores.

This report builds on the analysis presented in Mintel’s Salon Services- US, June 2012.

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