What you need to know

The success of Amazon is being felt across the retail sector, with few brands able to compete directly across a number of attributes and metrics. As Prime continues to add services that integrate into consumer lifestyles, the brand preference and satisfaction that Amazon elicits from consumers suggests that there is no stopping its domination.

Nonetheless, retail brands are seeking to challenge Amazon by adding services and technological advancements, both online and offline. AR offers the opportunity to add tangible benefits as well as a way to show off commitment to innovation, while maximising the use of physical spaces that retailers possess could help to create additional engagement with customers and exploit some of the aspects that Amazon lacks.

Products covered in this Report

Since November 2015, Mintel has conducted brand research on over 120 retailers. As well as consumers’ attitudes towards retailers, we investigate how many people have used those retailers, how positive their experience of the retailer was and whether they would recommend that retailer.

Data in this Report is drawn from fieldwork conducted between November 2015 and May 2018. Many brands have been covered on multiple occasions and, unless otherwise stated, Mintel’s data refers to the most recent wave of research in which a given brand featured. Please refer to the Report Appendix for details of the Reports from which the brand data has been taken.

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