What you need to know

A wide range of different drinks are bought by parents for children. Once children reach the ages of 10-15 they are also important purchasers independently of their parents, with half sometimes buying drinks on their way to or from school.

With parents looking for healthier drinks when shopping for their kids and with school policies promoting them, healthier drinks remain a key area for brands to focus on. Parents limiting their kids’ intake of fizzy drinks and fruit juice, and schools encouraging the drinking of free drinking water throughout the school day, both add weight to this.

While healthier drinks are likely to be the clear winners in the coming years, the government and media spotlight on packaging waste looks set to pose a challenge to all packaged drinks, but particularly single-use ones. Against this background, drinks brands will increasingly need to emphasise their health and environmental credentials, while at the same time having branding and flavours that appeal to kids who exert a big influence on purchasing.

Covered in this Report

This Report examines the behaviour and attitudes of UK parents of children aged 7-15 and UK children aged 7-15 in relation to non-alcoholic drinks.

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