What you need to know

International cuisines, flavors, and ingredients continue to be an area of opportunity in both foodservice and retail. Young consumers in particular represent a key opportunity as they show high interest in international foods but lack the skills required to actually cook international cuisine at home. While many consumers still prefer Americanized international foods, brands that highlight the authenticity and cultural history around international foods are poised to connect with many consumers.


This Report analyzes international food trends in both foodservice and retail by utilizing Mintel GNPD (Global New Products Database) and MMI (Mintel Menu Insights). This Report also includes consumer behaviors/attitudes toward international foods in both foodservice and retail.

This Report builds upon analysis presented in Mintel’s International Food Trends: Spotlight on Flavor – US, March 2017.

Note: This Report covers both foodservice and retail food and unlike the 2017 Report, it does not include a market size for international foods sold in retail.

The term “international foods” is a gray area in both foodservice and retail. For the purposes of this Report, Mintel defines it as:

  • Foods with international/cultural origins outside the US (eg Korean bulgogi)

  • Foods based upon/associated with international cuisines/dishes/flavors (eg Korean BBQ sauce)

  • Foods that blend together different cuisines (eg Korean tacos).

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