What you need to know

Usage of natural/organic toiletries remains low, with just 20% of people purchasing natural/organic soap/bath/shower products and 18% purchasing facial skincare. With 54% of people finding it difficult to know if a product is as natural/organic as it claims to be, confusion may be a factor behind this.

When it comes to ethical considerations, consumers show strong views with 60% claiming to use ethical brands where possible. However, the ethical sector also faces confusion, with 73% finding it difficult to know how ethical a brand is.

Products covered in this Report

This Report examines the market for natural, organic and ethical toiletries in the UK. The following categories are included in the remit of this Report:

  • Colour cosmetics – facial make-up, lip make-up, nail make-up and eye make-up

  • Deodorants and body sprays

  • Fragrances (male, female and unisex)

  • Haircare – shampoos, conditioners and treatments, styling agents, colourants and home perms and relaxers

  • Shaving and depilatories – shaving preparations and depilatory products

  • Skincare – for the face, body, hands and feet as well as suncare protection, after-sun, and self-tanning including gradual tanning

  • Soap and bath products – shower gels and creams, body washes, soaps, bath foams, gels, additives.

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