What you need to know

Valued at £50 million in 2016, the OTC sleep aids category is expected to see limited growth in 2017 (£51 million) as it comes under increasing pressure from advances in and availability of sleep tracking devices and consumer preference for making lifestyle changes over reaching for remedies.

However, a significant proportion of UK adults are not achieving the recommended number of sleep hours each day, with a laissez-faire attitude towards getting enough shut-eye potentially storing up both physical and mental health issues in future. Campaigns to promote sleep above that of an expendable commodity are crucial, alongside expert advice on how best to achieve this, potentially boosting interest and take-up of OTC sleep aids.

Products covered in this Report

This Report investigates the UK market for products, devices and applications to assist with aiding sleep, including:

  • OTC sleep aids (eg oral remedies, oral sprays, patches or strips)

  • Aromatherapy products with pro-sleep positioning (eg pillow sprays, body lotions, essential oils or balms)

  • Wearable devices and mobile apps to monitor and help improve sleep patterns.

Please note that a market size and forecast has been provided for value sales of OTC sleep aids only.

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