What you need to know

In 2017 Millennial men are aged 23-40, which means many of them are entering fatherhood for the first time. About half of this generation have kids in the household, primarily kids under the age of 12. As Millennial men become fathers they are seeing their lifestyles shift in unimaginable ways. Where their fathers may have been more focused on supporting the household financially, Millennial dads are also driven by a desire to connect with their kids emotionally, take part in household decision making, and be more involved in family life. However, in their new approach to fatherhood, Millennial dads may struggle to balance these priorities.


This Report examines the behaviors and attitudes of Millennial dads, defined as men aged 23-40 who are the parent/guardian to a child under the age of 18 living in the household. Readers of this Report may also be interested in Marketing to Millennials – US, June 2017 and Marketing to Moms – US, September 2017.

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