What you need to know

Value sales of air care products plateaued at £484 million in 2015, with the impact of new innovations from big name brands tempered by discounting and competitive pricing by retailers. This appears to have hit the aerosols segment the hardest; their popularity and ubiquity make them a prime target for retailer promotions.

Innovations in this category are vital, with Air Wick and Glade in particular benefiting from new product lines and accompanying advertising campaigns. Brands can look to further NPD (New Product Development) in terms of premium formats and scents to encourage consumers to trade up on air care products.

Products covered in this Report

The Report examines the retail market for the following air care products:

  • Aerosol and pump sprays

  • Continuous electrical air fresheners, including plug-ins and battery-operated/automatic sprays, including timed release

  • Continuous non-electrical air fresheners, including blocks/gels, non-battery-powered click sprays and scented oils/reed diffusers

  • Scented candles and oil burners

  • Kitchen appliance fresheners

  • Carpet/vacuum fresheners

  • Car fresheners.

Excluded from market size data in this Report are fabric fresheners (for upholstery and clothing), incense and household fragrances primarily used for repelling insects (eg citronella), although usage of incense is examined in the consumer research.

Market size data covers products sold through supermarkets, convenience stores, discounters and chemists/drugstores. Sales of products through retailers of housewares such as department stores, home furnishing stores, card and gift shops, beauty stores, garden centres and internet specialists are excluded. For car fresheners, estimates of sales through DIY/car shops are included.

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