What you need to know

Breakfast and brunch has gained attention from both chefs and consumers, as a number of chains have revamped or expanded their morning menus. While consumers tend to eat breakfast at home, many diners report buying breakfast at restaurants more often compared to just a year ago. Though there is a lot of competition for breakfast, there is still plenty of opportunity, as consumers are interested in a variety of breakfast options from healthy meals to high-quality coffee to portable meals.


This Report will cover consumer attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors surrounding breakfast and brunch in the foodservice industry. In this Report, “breakfast” can either refer to the morning dining occasion as well as a type of food that may or may not be consumed in the morning (eg pancakes for dinner). Likewise, “brunch” refers to an actual occasion (a meal between breakfast and lunch) as well as the foods commonly associated with brunch. While consumer attitudes/behaviors regarding breakfast foods from retail (eg food purchased from a grocery store) will be discussed briefly, retail breakfast foods are not covered in depth. For retail-specific information on breakfast, please look to Mintel’s What’s for Breakfast – US, July 2016 Report.

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