What you need to know

DIY retailing in France is a mature and low growth sector. Consumer spending on DIY products grew by 1.7% in 2015 and the specialist sector saw sales grow by just 1.5%. Consumer confidence has been low, price rises minimal and competition has intensified from the online channel. The sector is dominated by two big chains, Leroy Merlin and Castorama, but Leroy Merlin has been extending its lead over the last few years. Beyond these two, the sector is relatively fragmented, and in our view, ripe for consolidation of some kind. Online generally is relatively under-developed amongst DIY retailers, although Leroy Merlin stands out as being one of the country’s most visited websites.

Areas covered in this report

This report covers the DIY market in France, with a focus on DIY specialists including high street and out-of-town operators. The report does not cover in detail non-specialists, such as hypermarkets, although these are covered briefly in the consumer research section.

The report combines analysis of the market in France, including market sizes, specialists’ sales and forecasts, along with our in-depth consumer data, which analyses shoppers’ behaviour.

For the purpose of this report, Mintel has used the following definitions:

Consumer spending: The total amount spent by French households (including sales tax) on DIY related categories. We have included our own calculation of the size of the markets relevant to DIY retailers, using a standard mix of proportions of the various categories. These include:

  • Maintenance and repair of the home

  • Tools and equipment for home and garden

  • Garden, plants and flowers

  • Furniture and furnishings, carpets and other floor coverings

  • Household appliances.

Retail sales: total sales of all types of goods and services (excluding sales tax) via stores and directly to the consumer by specialist retailers of DIY items. It includes online sales of these retailers where the majority of sales are in bricks and mortar outlets.

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