What you need to know

The often analyzed Millennial generation spans the ages of 22-39 in 2016. This group is the largest generation, making-up a quarter of the US population, roughly 77 million people. Additionally, they are nearing their prime earning and spending years, making them a crucial audience for marketers in nearly all categories.

Although this generational group spans nearly two decades, making it hard to understand what a “typical” Millennial looks like, hallmarks of this group include their support of social change, including racial diversity in the US, and changing family dynamics; their penchant for selective spending in which they will scrimp in some areas only to splurge on others; and their reliance on technology countered by an equally compelling desire to “switch-off.”


For the purposes of this Report, Mintel has used the following definitions:

  • Younger Millennials: internet users aged 22-29

  • Older Millennials: internet users aged 30-39

This Report is the second in a series of four that focuses on marketing to the key generations. Findings in this Report can be supplemented by analysis presented in Mintel’s Marketing to the iGeneration – US, April 2016, and the forthcoming Marketing to Generation X – US, June 2016, and Marketing to Baby Boomers – US, July 2016.

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