What you need to know

Although the economy is slowing, people’s confidence has not been hugely impacted. Chinese consumers are continuously increasing their spending in almost every aspect of life, out of a desire for upgrading their living quality.

This has led China as a whole to become more of a consumption-driven economy. Increasing discretionary spending that can promote both physical and emotional well-being is expected to take the lead in the near future, as consumers will gradually move into healthier lifestyles with enriched leisure experiences.

Covered in this Report

This Report looks into the trends in China’s economic development and changes in consumers’ spending patterns. This includes spending in different market segments including in-home food and beverages, foodservice, beauty and personal care products, pharmaceutical products, clothing and accessories, home and household care products, technology and communication, and leisure and entertainment, transportation and holidays, as well as spending on housing and personal finances.

The Report also conducts in-depth consumer analysis under the scope of an evolving population structure, social and economic situation and retail environment. It can be relevant to market players in different industry segments as well as overseas players looking to invest in China. Marketers as well as advertisers can also benefit from a greater understanding of how to interact with Chinese consumers.

Demographic classification

Household income

Tier one cities Tier two and three cities
High monthly household income RMB 16,000 and above RMB 14,000 and above
Mid monthly household income RMB 10,000-15,999 RMB 7,000-13,999
Low monthly household income RMB 4,000-9,999 RMB 4,000-6,999
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