What you need to know

The women’s haircare category has shown a decline in value in recent years, driven down by the mass-market sector where savvy shopping behaviours are encouraging women to shop for branded products at lower prices. As such, the category has seen a 0.5% decline in 2015, with the value of the market standing at £1.39 billion.

Although new products such as co-washes show low usage, opportunities for growth in the category exist in new launches; women show high interest in shampoo innovations and scalp treatments in particular.

Products covered in this report

Within this report, Mintel defines ‘women’s haircare’ as all haircare that is not specifically targeted at men. Accordingly, all market and launch information includes data for unisex haircare.

Shampoos: All types of shampoo for washing hair including beauty or standard shampoos as well as anti-dandruff/medicated types. Also includes two-in-one shampoo and conditioner and dry shampoo.

Conditioners and treatments: Rinse-out and leave-in conditioners, intensive treatments such as hot oils, serums, masks and sprays.

Styling products: All products that are used to style, sculpt or fix the hair. These include mousses, gels, gel sprays, jelly, styling sprays, lotions, serums, gums, glue, paste, mud, clay, waxes, creams, milks, styling water, glosses and hairsprays.

Sales of shampoo, conditioner and styling products through all retail outlets and sold by hair salons for home use are covered by this report.

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