What you need to know

The digital advertising industry continues to reach new heights, with total expenditure from advertisers topping £8 billion in 2015 (a 15% rise year on year). Mobile is now the key driver behind growth in the digital sector, and arguably the advertising industry as a whole, accounting for nearly 80% of the rise in digital ad revenues in the first half of 2015, now accounting for 27% of the total digital market.

However brands face the threat of a backlash from consumers with more people looking to withhold information or avoid advertising altogether (using ad blocking software), putting a restriction on the number of people brands can reach and to what extent they can use targeted approaches.

Companies should find that by empowering users and allowing them to have a greater say in what ads they see, how these are presented and where and when they appear, the threat of ad blocking will actually be reduced as more advertisers succeed in reaching the right person, with the right message, at the right time.

Covered in this report

This report examines the digital advertising market in the UK, which includes online and mobile ads of the following forms:

  • Display (including banners and pop-ups)

  • Video (eg pre-roll videos on YouTube, ITV Player)

  • Social media (eg on Facebook, Twitter etc)

  • Paid search (eg on Google, Bing etc)

  • Email advertising

  • Content and native (eg paid sponsored content on blogging sites (eg Buzzfeed) or news websites (eg The Guardian))

  • Other forms of online advertising (eg affiliate marketing, audio, dynamic in-game advertising)

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