What you need to know

Auto service, maintenance, and repair is a vital part of the economy – we all need to bring our vehicles in for maintenance or repair now and again. Today’s consumer is looking for good customer service at the right price and convenient location – consumers want the job done right, but they don’t want to overpay, and they want to be treated professionally during the transaction.

This report will look at the issues affecting the auto service, maintenance, and repair market, as well as opportunities that those working in this space will have going forward. In addition, the report will examine what’s influencing the market, what’s driving consumer behavior regarding auto service, maintenance, and repair, where consumers are taking their vehicles for maintenance, and what types of work they’re having done.


For the purposes of this report, the automotive maintenance and repair services market includes parts and labor provided by a service business. It does not include parts purchased directly by the consumer, whether for their own use in DIY (do-it-yourself) auto repair/maintenance or to provide to someone else who is performing the repairs. Services and parts provided at full-service shops, such as dealer service departments and independent and chain repair shops, as well as specialty repair centers such as quick lube/oil change and tire service centers, are included in the market size.

Value figures throughout this report are at rsp (retail selling price) excluding sales tax unless otherwise stated.

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