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In September 2014, Apple announced the launch of its Apple Watch, while Intel announced its partnership to produce smartwatches with Fossil. While the consumer wearable tech market had launched a decade prior with GoPro’s Hero line of cameras, these announcements pushed wearable tech into the limelight and resulted in the market’s surge past $7 billion in sales in 2015, the third straight year in which sales more than doubled. In spite of this rapid growth, the market is still in its infancy and yet to be fully exploited even by leading brands.

As such, wearable tech, including fitness trackers, smartwatches, and wearable cameras, has become a focal point for growth among multiple hardware manufacturers. This report explores the burgeoning market for fitness tech via qualitative and quantitative surveys. Subjects include intent to purchase and expected spending, the role of the gift market, the relationship between participation in sports and ownership, familiarity with brands, and the desirability of specific features on fitness-tracking devices and smartwatches.


This report covers the following products:

  • Fitness-tracking bands and clips

  • Smartwatches and GPS watches

  • Wearable videocameras (aka action/POV cameras)

Products excluded from the report include: smart clothing; wearable electronics for pets; head-mounted displays, including virtual reality and augmented reality products; emergency medical alert devices; and electronics designed with a primary purpose of locating objects and people.

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