Due to some economic factors, such as high inflation, energy, and water crisis, high unemployment rates and devalued currency, it is likely that consumers reduce their consumption of the category. Mintel expects that by 2020, the yogurt market will reach R$ 14,409 million and 1,274 thousand tonnes, a more moderate growth forecast than expected.

There are several opportunities for greater added-value products that could sustain market value growth, such as yogurts with healthier claims (eg lactose-free), guilt-free indulgence (eg yogurt positioned as dessert), and new consumption experiences (eg new textures, such as mousse or skyr yogurt).


The yogurt category is segmented as follows: yogurt drinks (sold in small bottles) and spooned yogurts (sold in small cups) – plain or flavored. It excludes frozen yogurt, kefir, quark, fromage frais, and yogurts with complex bacterial content. Market value and volume are based on retail sales, including direct sales to consumers.

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