What you need to know

Sales of shaving and hair removal products remain stagnant due to the competitive nature of the category and a general price-driven approach among shoppers. Still, growth opportunities exist in the more than $4 billion category, including shaving products that promote skin health and professional-quality results. Focusing on engaged demographic groups, such as younger adults and Hispanics, could also generate results.


For the purposes of this report, Mintel has used the following definitions:

  • Disposable and cartridge (non-disposable) razors – men’s and women’s

  • Replacement blades and cartridges for cartridge (non-disposable) razors products/services

  • Shaving creams and gels

  • Depilatory creams/ lotions and waxing products designed for home use

Excluded from the market size, segment performance, and brand sections of this report are:

  • Electric shavers, personal trimmers, and grooming scissors

  • Aftershave, skin conditioners, and other products for post-shaving use

  • Professional/salon hair removal services

However, use of electric razors, trimmers, and skin treatment products, and professional services are covered in the consumer sections of this report.

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