What you need to know

Total retail sales of yogurt and yogurt drinks posted 2.9% gains in estimated 2015. Pace has slowed from strong year-over-year growth in 2011-13 as the novelty of Greek-style products fade. Overall sales are expected to continue upward as consumers remain interested in health, nutrition, and high-protein food and drink products. Opportunities exist in the $8 billion category to expand usage occasions through better nutritional awareness, convenient packaging, and altering perceptions that yogurt is a snack, not a meal.


For the purposes of this report, Mintel has used the following definitions:

  • Spoonable yogurt: sold in cups or tubes; meant to be spooned, squeezed, or “slurped.” Greek-style yogurt is included as part of this segment.

  • Yogurt drinks: refrigerated yogurt products in a liquid, drinkable form. These products may include fruit or fruit flavoring; including yogurt “smoothies,” kefir, lassie, etc.

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