What you need to know

Estimated at just shy of £2 billion, sales of yogurt and yogurt drinks enjoyed estimated growth of 12% in value terms over 2010-15. However, this was driven by rising prices, with volume sales falling by an estimated 4% over the period.

The drinking yogurt segment in particular was hit by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)’s rejection of health claims related to probiotics in December 2012. The sharp decline in volume sales seen in 2013 continued into 2014.

Meanwhile consumer concerns around the added sugar content of yogurts may have played a role in the troubles of spoonable yogurts, partly offset by the recent growth of the Greek/Greek-style category.

Covered in this report

This report examines the UK retail market for yogurts and yogurt drinks, excluding sales through catering or fast food establishments.

Yogurt includes spoonable yogurt, fromage frais and yogurt drinks. Functional fermented milk drinks such as Yakult are included in the report since cultures similar to those contained therein have now been introduced into products positioned as yogurt. Frozen yogurt is excluded from this market.

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