What you need to know

Holiday rentals are performing well in a difficult market, remaining stable in the UK market which is declining overall. Overseas holidays are rising, but consumers are increasing their use of hotels and moving away from the more cost-effective options. There are opportunities to appeal to a new audience and perhaps persuade those who have rented in the past to come back to the market.

Products covered in this report

Holiday rental property refers to holiday lettings includes cottages, houses, villas, gites, chalets, lodges, town/city apartments, flats or just rooms in a house. Self-catering apartments on holiday resort complexes (eg Butlins or package resorts abroad) or other types of self-catering property such as camping and caravanning or boat hire are excluded here.

Data on the size and segmentation of the domestic market is for Great Britain rather than the United Kingdom (ie Northern Ireland is not included), sourced from GBTS. Equivalent data for the overseas rental market is not available, but rentals abroad are covered in Mintel’s consumer research for this report.

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