The air fresheners market, which grew by 8.5% in 2014 to be worth £474 million, encompasses a wide portfolio of different products which range from those more closely associated with odour elimination to those that are linked to not just freshening but also accessorising the home. For the major air care brands what brings them all together is fragrance, and the last few years have seen a strong focus on the launch of new fragrance lines across product categories.

A key element of the launch of fragrance ranges has been seasonal and limited edition scents, which over the last year have helped drive sales of refills for plug-ins or other air freshener units, but another element is sprays, scented candles and reed diffusers with scented oils carrying the same fragrances. At the same time as the big three companies in air care have been using new scent ranges to encourage increased replenishment, they have also been facing increased competition from Yankee Candle and own-label.

In an increasingly competitive market, points of differentiation are therefore important, especially given the wide range of brands and price points in the growing scented candles segment of the market. This report looks at usage and purchasing of different types of air fresheners, buying behaviour and attitudes towards air care products. Interest in added product features is also investigated to see how giving people more reasons to buy might translate into an increase in future sales.


The report examines the retail market for the following air care products:

  • Aerosol and pump sprays

  • Continuous electrical air fresheners, including plug-ins and battery-operated/automatic sprays, including timed release

  • Continuous non-electrical air fresheners, including blocks/gels, non-battery-powered click sprays and scented oils/reed diffusers

  • Scented candles and oil burners

  • Kitchen appliance fresheners

  • Carpet/vacuum fresheners

  • Car fresheners.

Excluded from market size data in this report are fabric fresheners (for upholstery and clothing), incense and household fragrances primarily used for repelling insects (eg citronella), although usage of fabric fresheners and incense is examined in the consumer research.

Market size data covers products sold through supermarkets, convenience stores, discounters and chemist/drugstores. Sales of products through retailers of housewares such as department stores, home furnishing stores, card and gift shops, beauty stores, garden centres and internet specialists are excluded. For car fresheners, estimates of sales through DIY/car shops are included.

Value figures throughout this report are at retail selling prices (rsp) unless otherwise stated. Market sizes at constant 2015 prices are calculated using Mintel’s Household Goods deflator.

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