The smoking cessation market declined by 4% in 2014, the first decline in the last five years. This is attributed to the lack of innovation by manufacturers, reduced investment in advertising as well as stiff competition from E-cigarettes. Consumer data shows that although E-cigarette usage is limited to smokers only; it is used as a lifestyle choice for some (44% of those who vape or have vaped view it as an alternative to regular smoking). Attitudes towards E-cigarettes show the support for some regulation, with 56% of adults agreeing that all E-cigarettes should be regulated by the NHS. However, with 43% agreeing too much regulation will discourage people from using them, this suggests that a certain degree of flexibility is required to ensure the market is not limited too much.

Within this report we investigate the people’s smoking and vaping statuses, as well as plans towards quitting smoking. We will also investigate reasons for vaping, places of purchase of non-prescription NRT (Nicotine Replacement Therapy) products and E-cigarettes as well as long-term usage of both. Attitudes towards E-cigarettes will also be investigated.


This report covers smoking cessation products as well as electronic cigarettes (henceforth referred to as E-cigarettes).

Smoking cessation products are defined as those products intended to assist and support smokers who are attempting to quit smoking. This includes NRTs which deliver a measured dose of nicotine to a smoker that replaces the nicotine usually obtained from cigarettes.

E-cigarettes are defined as electronic inhalers, designed to stimulate and act as a substitute for tobacco. The majority deliver nicotine when inhaled and are often designed to look like a tobacco cigarette.

Sales data for smoking cessation gum, tablets and patches is included in the Market Size and Forecast, Channels to Market and Market Share sections. However, due to the unavailability of data, E-cigarettes sales data has not been included in these sections, although an estimate of the value of the market has been provided.


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