Online gaming and betting remains the principal driver of growth in the UK gambling market as a whole and has a enjoyed another positive 12 months on the back of consumer enthusiasm for mobile and the cyclical boost of the football World Cup.

Product development has moved smartphone gambling from being a substitute experience to making mobile-first a genuine option, while football betting is now the market’s most popular product in penetration terms.

Against that, however, 2015 will be the first year of the UK’s new point-of-consumption regulatory and taxation regime, which brings with it a host of uncertainties offering positive and negative change to a sector already braced for tighter controls on advertising and increased social responsibility requirements.

This report assesses current trends in participation in gaming and betting online, examines the factors influencing present and potential future patterns of play and identifies ways in which remote gambling operators can respond to the opportunities and challenges ahead.


This report examines the market for online gaming and betting in the UK, whether conducted via a PC (personal computer) or laptop computer, through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets or using games consoles and smart or interactive TV.

Market size data in this report refer specifically to revenues from sportsbook, casino, bingo and poker. However, in the context of the consumer research carried out for this report, the following activities are included and are discussed in a broader context throughout the report where relevant:

  • Sports betting

  • Casino games

  • Online slots/instant win games

  • Bingo

  • Poker

  • Betting on non-sports events

  • National lottery draw games

  • Football pools.

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