Media consumption in the UK has been changing for a number of years in line with wider global trends, as new hardware markets have opened an increasing number of consumers to digital media consumption. Whilst the ripples caused by smartphone ownership died away some time ago, the effects of increasing tablet ownership are still fuelling the drive of print media readers to digital equivalents, and the successful proliferation of video services.

This report looks at music, video, magazine, newspaper and book purchasing habits, as well as which media consumers read/watch/listen to for at least an hour each day, how long consumers spend with each media each day, how consumers interact with media whilst experiencing it and how they discover new media.


This report examines the state of media consumption in the UK. "Media consumption" refers to (as appropriate) the reading of, listening to or watching of:

“Print media”, which refers to newspaper, magazine and book titles in either a digital or physical format. Physical print media – ie newspapers, magazines and books, as opposed to websites and e-books – are referred to as “physical print media” when a distinction between physical and digital is drawn.

“Video”, which includes TV shows and films delivered through DVDs, Blu-ray discs, pay-TV subscriptions like Virgin Media or Sky, and streamed video services such as Netflix and Amazon Instant Video.

“Music”, which refers to CDs, digital download singles, digital download albums and streaming music services such as Spotify or Google Play Music.

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Relevant Mintel reports

Background data used in the Markets section of this report were taken from other Mintel reports. For further information on each market, please see:

Televisions and pay-TV services

Televisions – UK, November 2013

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Digital and physical music and video

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Media Consumption Habits – UK, July 2013

Newspapers, magazines and e-books

National Newspapers – UK, May 2014

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Books and e-books – UK, September 2013


The Markets section of this report includes a number of forecasts. Mintel has produced these forecasts based on an advanced statistical technique known as ‘multivariate time series auto-regression’ using the statistical software package SPSS.

The model, based on historical market size data taken from Mintel’s own market size database and supplemented by macro- and socio-economic data sourced from credible organisations (eg Office for National Statistics, HM Treasury, Bank of England), searches for relationships between actual market sizes and a selection of key economic and demographic determinants (independent variables) in order to identify those predictors having the most influence on the market.


ABC Audit Bureau of Circulation
BBC British Broadcasting Corporation
BPI British Phonographic Industry
BVA British Video Association
FIFA Federation Internationale de Football Association
HBO Home Box Office
IMDB Internet Movie Database
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