After a recent period in which it was able to rely on new draws and one-off events to deliver significant sales growth, the UK lotteries market is moving towards a more sustainable mix of existing product development, pricing and promotion to maintain and increase consumer interest in play.

Lotto appears to have emerged from its doubling of ticket prices with the majority of its volume sales still intact and the scratchcard segment appears well placed to maintain recent growth, but a longstanding lack of significant expansion online and new competition from lookalike numbers betting products could still act as brakes to future progress.

This report tracks UK consumers’ lottery-playing habits, assesses their reaction to the increase in the price of Lotto participation, tests the relative strength of a range of incentives to play and identifies ways in which the sector can respond to the themes, challenges and opportunities emerging.


This report covers all the products offered by the National Lottery, the Health Lottery and other society, charity and local lotteries. Only the National Lottery and lotteries regulated by the Gambling Commission are considered within the scope of this report, although other lottery-type games are considered where they impact directly on the market.

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