Lunchtime Eating Habits - UK - November 2005

As meal times have become more informal the concept of eating a ‘proper lunch’ has been in decline hence the range of food on offer to attract lunchtime consumers has become ever more broad. The wider range has also brought more operators into the market each trying to gain a share. The panacea of niche operators catering to very specific food types such as sandwiches, coffee shops and fast food ...




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Market Factors
Market Background


Introduction and Abbreviations
Premier Insight
Summary of Key Report Findings
Key Market Developments
Where Lunch is Bought
Lunchtime Eating Habits – Who Consumers Dined With
Type of Food Purchased for Lunch
Where Lunch is bought and Type of Food Purchased – Detailed Demographics
Lunchtime Eating Habits – Motivations and Influences
Motivations and Influences – Detailed Demographics
The Future